Matovu Huzaifa declared as the best player (MVP) in Ludo, 2022

Jan 16, 2023 - 08:00
Matovu Huzaifa declared as the best player (MVP) in Ludo, 2022
Matovu Huzaifa declared as the best player (MVP) in Ludo, 2022
Matovu Huzaifa declared as the best player (MVP) in Ludo, 2022

KAMPALA - The federation’s national electoral committee chaired by Prof. Luyombya Kisakye Samson has declared Matovu Huzaifa as the best player (MVP), 2022 after obtaining the popular votes worth 21 votes. This followed a week’s electronic electoral process (voting) from 5th to 10th January, 2023 through the official email and social media platform for the federation thus the official declaration of final electoral results on 12th January, 2023.

Matovu Huzaifa has faced off with the other three (3) nominees as forwarded by the federation’s vetting committee. The results casted were as follows: Matovu Huzaifa of Masaka Giants obtained 21 votes, Mutebi Arthur of Nansana Galaxy obtained 16 votes, Nagaddya Betty of Nansana Galaxy obtained 13 votes and Mubiru Emmanuel of Nansana Galaxy obtained 10 votes totaling to 60 valid votes.

Matovu Huzaifa 21 votes
Mutebi Arthur 16 votes
Nagaddya Betty 13 votes
Mubiru Emmanuel 10 votes

The eligible voters (electorates) were grade A referees, super league team coaches and super league players with valid players’ licenses. The turn up was as follows: 12 referees in grade A, 12 super league team coaches and 89 super league players with valid players’ licenses totaling to 113 voters (electorates) from which the 51% of the total casted votes were obtained.

On an annual basis the vetting and scrutinizing team nominates personalities for the race of best player (MVP) for a particular year then forward it to the electorates (voters) who include: referees with valid grade A certificate, team coaches for super league and players with valid super league players’ licenses. Then an electoral process proceeding presided and supervised by the national electoral committee.

It should be noted that 2022 was a blissful year for Uganda Ludo Federation as Uganda Doves won the 2022 World Ludo Championship after thumping Pakistan 4-0 at the World Ludo Championships in Dubai.

The tournament diced off on Tuesday 29th November with twelve nations Uganda and South Africa (the only representatives from African continent), Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh in Nepal. The semi-finals and finals were played in Dubai City.

In the whole tournament, Doves managed to score 16 goals starting with a 3-1 victory over Saudi Arabia in their opening group A fixture, drew 2-2 with Pakistan in their and later on keeping a clean sheet 4-0 against United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In the semifinal stages, Uganda convincly cruised past Bangladesh in a 4-0 victory the team that had topped group B with 7 points and later on putting the icing on the cake with a 4-0 win against Pakistan in the finals to be crowned World Champions.

This means the Debutants (Uganda Doves) left the were unbeaten it took the efforts of the experienced players like Emma Mubiru and Nagadya Beth who had played and won in the same city a couple of years back.

Experienced Emma Mubiru, Nagadya and Matovu Huzaifah represented their clubs last year in Pretoria south Africa and were also part of this contingent.

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