Uganda Artists based in the Diaspora come together to perform in Summer Kyeyo Festival

Dec 16, 2022 - 00:17
Uganda Artists based in the Diaspora come together to perform in Summer Kyeyo Festival

KAMPALA - As the movement of people crossing national borders in search of opportunities for better livelihood continues to grow, there is need for those who have made it to meet and share their experiences particularly Ugandan artists in the Diaspora.

It is against this background that McKeiz production presents Entujjo Yabasaama (Summer Kyeyo Festival) 2022 featuring Gravitty Omutujju, Lydia Jazmine, B2C (Kampala Boys), Kalifah Aganaga, Daxx Vibes, Vyroota, MC Mariachi, DJ Shiru, Mukabya Jr, Willy Mukabya, on Friday 16th December 2022 at Kati Kati in Kampala, and on Saturday 31st December 2022 at Masaka Laston Gardens.

Entrance 20,000 UGX, VIP: 100,000 UGX, VVIP: 200,000 UGX, Table: 3 Million UGX.

MCs include; MC Kayz, Zahara Toto, Kasuku, Meekey seems too funny, Jackstar, Tom Dee, Namaka (Don Dada).

According to McKiez the Director of Entujjo Yabasaama (Summer Kyeyo Festival), though his production company McKiez production is still new in the industry, he saw it fit to come up with a concept of organising a festival for the talented artists in the Diaspora because there is a lot of musical talent outside Uganda hence the need to identify them and bring them together in order to be promoted both here at home and internationally.

“We have a lot of talent but they rarely get an opportunity to perform here, so when they come back home although they are not known, it is a chance for them to showcase their talent,” promoter Mckeiz revealed. “They are ready to introduce new music in our nation Uganda. There is need to mix, get to know each other, meet, relax, because we rarely get time to meet physically although we chat on social media so that we have one component which is connection of good people as a family,” Mckeiz added. He added that this will be an annual event and they have started with Kampala and Masaka, and expects the festival to be rotational beginning with Jinja, Mbale, Mbarara, and Gulu to mention but a few.

McKeiz called upon all Ugandans to come and be part of the networking event because they do not segregate in religion, culture, nor political affiliations. He added that all proceeds will be used to help other suffering Ugandans in different continents.

Meanwhile, the Event manager of the festival, Jackstar of BBS TV one of the MCs says he is happy that what began as a WhatsApp chat group is now an engagement/party of all those who are talented to network and meet and greet their fans. “Talented Ugandans in the Diaspora work hard and whenever they come back home particularly in December, they only have time for their families and do not get an opportunity to know each other, so we thought out this project as a get together,” Jackstar added.

Johanz official an artist/ musician from New York, USA looks forward to a great outing during the festival.

Nature Ink Zayah, music artist from Netherlands, Amsterdam thanked promoter McKiez for coming up with this idea of organising a festival which is going to give unknown artists exposure. He says although he is an artist, he has faced numerous challenges that include; Ugandan promoters not giving them chance to perform at home, producers and presenter’s asking for money before promoting their music which he says hinders an artist’s progress.

Nature Ink Zayah also calls upon producers to change the Uganda music sound which is still wanting in order to compete with the Nigerian and international artists. “Music is a language, we communicate through it and it has to remain intact,” Nature added.

According to Video Brown, musician, Entrepreneur, Producer based in Turkey and the UK and one of the artists set to perform on the day says such a connection is a good bond and will help them create a brand. “For example if we have a brother who is in prison and needs help, we can come together, brainstorm on how to help them be released. The funds that will be collected from this festival will go a long way in helping those in need,” Video Brown added.

Lastly, Allan Soldier Cinematographer and part of the festival crew supporting the artists from the diaspora says he is looking forward to learn from the various talented artists because they are exposed and calls upon all party animals to be part of the festival.

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