We will bring to order undisciplined citizens, Revolutionary Guards warn corrupt officials

Nov 28, 2022 - 19:19
We will bring to order undisciplined citizens, Revolutionary Guards warn corrupt officials

KAMPALA - Revolutionary Guards will partner with crime intelligence to get feedback on whatever happens at the grassroot to make sure that all those who misuse government funds in the process of service delivery will be brought to book and also get feedback from the locals on the ground. This was revealed by Shedrack Nzeire Kaguta, the national Revolutionary Guards’ coordinator during the 2nd Ideological Dialogue held at Kati Kati restaurant on Friday 25th November 2022.
He gave an example of people who pretend to be security people while harassing people on the roads, chasing people away from the road yet they are not security officers.

Kaguta added that the Revolutionary Guards will try to help streamline systems, wants peace and harmony in the country, and regardless of political affiliation they will serve Ugandans the way they are.

“Instead of transferring corrupt officials like DPCs, CAOs to different areas, they should be punished”, he said. According to Kaguta, Revolutionary Guards are like spies and work hand in hand with the IGG, Anti-Corruption Unit of State House, in order to help government, succeed in service delivery and will also work hand in hand with media plus the ordinary citizens to get 1st hand information about corrupt officials. “People need water, electricity and other essential services. How can services reach them and why does money leave the treasury and not do what it was allocated for, instead it is sent back to the treasury,” he quizzed.

Kaguta revealed that we are all Ugandans irrespective of tribe and we all deserve the best services from government. “We need to be patriotic, and there should be no segregation at all levels because we have the same blood. We started these ideological dialogues then known as “Campfire” in 2017 with a camp in Masaka, 2018 in Mbale, 2019 in Sironko and now in Kampala because this is where all services are but we will traverse the whole country with our ideology,” he revealed.

Ben Twine, General Secretary Revolutionary Guards says the 2nd dialogue was meant to enlighten youth and citizens about the four core principles of NRM which are; Democracy, Pan Africanism, Patriotism and social economic transformation. This is the core of what makes us as a country.

“RG believes in guarding what was ushered in as a generation. NRA went to the bush and liberated the country. We have seen development, the enabling environment though it may not be as we want or what we wish, or not be the rosy picture that all probably thought, but what we have is a firm foundation,” he said. “Our call as citizens to the youth as a generation, is not to ask what Uganda can do for us but what we ourselves can do for Uganda and the best legacy is to guard what has been ushered in or what was ushered in by our fathers, brothers, uncles, aunties, who went to Luweero in the bush and fought”, he added.

Some of them are retiring while others are about to retire, this is a generation. No angels out there will basically come and safeguard what is here, Mr. Twine noted.

“This generation did not pay the blood, as a price they did for us, we cannot wait and sit and think they are going to be here for ever or they should spoon feed us on everything. Some of our youth are lost, and we are trying to talk, come together and see how we can collectively guard this revolution, the development, systems that we see may not be perfect but how can we guard what we have and perfect it”, he said.

Meanwhile, Sibo Fred, PRO, vison bearer of the Ideological Dialogues and also the Revolutionary Guards coordinator Western region says these Ideological dialogues will help educate members and the country at large about the gains of the NRA revolution and also change the mindset particularly of youth in Uganda.

According to Francis Simon Okello, the National Revolutionary Guards Chairman, these meetings are important to dissect where we are as a country and where we are going, and aims to safeguard and promote the ideals of NRM that have been in place for the last 41 years. This will be done in a structured process from national level to the village level through different channels and networks.

He says this can be achieved by creating a narrative that promotes unity, teamwork, disciplined citizenship, that enables improve on the level of accountability, service delivery, bring in order undisciplined citizens by taking responsibility and calling them to order.
He also added that these Ideological dialogues intend to support young people through skilling, placement, and creating income generating activities to ensure that they are able to tap into the wealth creation funds like Parish Development Model, Emyooga etc.
The Ideological dialogues are a form of information dissemination and a forum for training and education of the NRA/M Ideology.

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