Makerere University Business School Set to Host 7th Outing of Uganda Corporate League

The 6th outing of the Makerere University Business School Uganda took place at the MUBS grounds in Nakawa, drawing a diverse array of companies from various industries.

Aug 22, 2023 - 15:44
Makerere University Business School Set to Host 7th Outing of Uganda Corporate League

NAKAWA - The Uganda Corporate League, a prestigious sporting event that brings together companies for friendly competition and camaraderie, is gearing up for its 7th outing. Hosted by the Makerere University Business School (MUBS), this event promises to be a dynamic display of teamwork and athleticism. One of the most anticipated aspects of this year's league is the introduction of the thrilling game of Tug of War, which gained attention during the 6th outing of the league.

The 6th outing of the Uganda Corporate League took place at the MUBS grounds in Nakawa, drawing a diverse array of companies from various industries. This event served as a platform for companies to engage in healthy competition while fostering relationships beyond the boardroom. The highlight of the day was the introduction of the Tug of War game, which brought a new level of excitement to the league.

The Tug of War game, a classic test of strength and teamwork, involved companies pitting their might against each other by pulling a rope from opposing ends. The spectacle captivated the audience and participants alike, adding an element of fun and camaraderie to the event. The game showcased the determination and spirit of the competing companies, further solidifying the league's reputation as a unique and engaging sporting event.

Notably, the 6th outing also introduced the Kids Corporate League, a segment designed to encourage young talent and promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age. The Kids Corporate League featured various sports activities, with a strong emphasis on football. This inclusion reflects the league's commitment to promoting fitness and sportsmanship across all age groups.

Dennis Mbidde, the Chairman of the Uganda Corporate League, expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors that have made the event possible. Nile Breweries and Pepsi were acknowledged for their steadfast support, contributing to the success and growth of the league. Mbidde emphasized that the league's primary goal is to promote physical well-being and health among employees while providing an avenue for companies to engage in friendly competition.

In previous outings, the league has continually expanded its repertoire of games. Basketball was one of the exciting introductions during the 5th outing, showcasing the league's commitment to diversifying the range of sports on offer. This strategic approach not only keeps participants engaged but also attracts a broader audience, catering to varying interests and skill sets.

The Uganda Corporate League has established itself as an annual gathering that unites companies from different sectors in a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The event fosters an environment where individuals can showcase their athletic talents, engage in healthy competition, and build lasting connections with fellow professionals.

This year's outing witnessed a multitude of companies engaging in various sports activities, including football, basketball, volleyball, and the exhilarating Tug of War. The commitment to holding the league on the last Sunday of every month ensures a consistent opportunity for companies to come together, compete, and forge bonds beyond the confines of their workplaces.

As the 7th outing of the Uganda Corporate League approaches, participants and spectators alike can look forward to yet another memorable event. With Makerere University Business School once again playing host, the league's legacy of promoting fitness, teamwork, and friendship is set to continue. The upcoming outing promises to bring fresh excitement to the arena, with Tug of War and other sports taking center stage once again. The Nakawa venue is primed to come alive with the energy of competition and camaraderie, as the Uganda Corporate League continues to uphold its reputation as a premier corporate sporting event.

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