Count down to Afri Art and Fashion show Uganda 15th July 2023

The AFRI ART & FASHION SHOW is an annual event that showcases African talent and skills in art and fashion, providing an opportunity for artisans to exhibit their products to a global market.

Jul 5, 2023 - 12:24
Count down to Afri Art and Fashion show Uganda 15th July 2023

Uganda has witnessed various fashion shows, but none compare to the extraordinary Afri Art and Fashion show, widely regarded as the premier African art and fashion showcase. This exceptional event organised by Trillion Looks store not only highlights African fashion, but also introduces exclusive art and crafts that have not been featured elsewhere.

At the heart of this show lies a strong focus on sustainability. Ten designers actively support and collaborate with approximately 250 women and youth artisans. The Afri Art and Fashion show serves as a global platform to appreciate the creativity of these local artisans and designers.

Cultural heritage takes center stage throughout the afri art and fashion show, captivating attendees through captivating cultural dance performances, stage acts, food tourism, and stunning art and crafts.

Exhibitors will enthusiastically share the history, inspiration, and future prospects of their products with attendees. For those seeking personal connections with artisans or exhibitors, we recommend arriving early and attending the exhibition.

Don't miss the chance to shop for your favorite art, crafts, and fashion items at production cost, available both during and after the show. Explore all the stalls and discover unique treasures to take home.

This year's edition scheduled for 15th July 2023 at MOTIV bugolobi  proudly presents food tourism as one of its highlights, aiming to educate attendees about the diverse culinary dishes from across Uganda. It may be your only opportunity to savor these dishes, learn their names, and understand their regional origins.

With the captivating theme "Travel through Fashion," this year's edition encourages both Ugandans and international visitors to incorporate events like this into their tourism and holiday plans. Discover the value of a brief escape from routine by attending this remarkable event.

The Afri Art and Fashion show guarantees a relaxing and entertaining experience, creating memories that will remain etched in your mind. We invite you to make it a family event or gather your friends to enjoy the show together.

Prepare for absolute fun, education, cultural exchange, and inspiration. Secure your ticket now and mark the event in your calendar, as this is an experience you won't want to miss.

Patons Ocira An analyst, researcher and photojournalist with a passion for technology, business and culture.