Sheebah, Victoria University Ambassador Into Battle of Words With Cindy

Aug 22, 2023 - 17:42
Sheebah, Victoria University Ambassador Into Battle of Words With Cindy

KAMPALA - Few weeks to the Yolo festival, scheduled on 15th September 2023 at Kololo ceremonial grounds, the two camps, engaged in a joint press conference on Monday at Victoria University for confirmation to showcase.

The music battle is between the legend, dance hall genius Cindy Sanyu versus Sheebah who seeks to equate herself to a new music status through the battle.

Minutes into the press engagement, Sheebah expressed how ingratitude she was by Cindy not sharing with her the knowledge on how to compose hit songs.

" It is true Cindy composed for me the first song but I am not happy because it was not a hit song yet she was my lecturer." Sheebah said.

However, I have a good heart, I wish people well, I’ve even brought back king Cindy Sanyu, it’s been a while since she last got this kind of attention, I have also built a big house which Cindy doesn't have, she added.

Cindy responded “This battle is about music, if Sheebah is fronting her house, let her bring it to the stage on the 15th of September at Kololo”

At the same event, Sheebah was also fired questions by different journalists upon why she misrepresents the University, being its ambassador, by exposing a bag printed with vulger words to members of the press.

"The words carried on my bag are always found in people's phones, so it not unique," Sheebah responded.

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