Simba Group Champions Abilities Sponsors Kampala Disability Festival 2023

Nov 8, 2023 - 10:34
Simba Group Champions Abilities Sponsors Kampala Disability Festival 2023

KAMPALA - In a ground-breaking move towards inclusivity and redefining perspectives, Simba Group, under the visionary leadership of Chairman Dr. Patrick Bitature, is set to spearhead change as the proud sponsor of the upcoming Kampala Disability Festival 2023. Driven by the belief that having a disability should never be equated with a lack of ability, Simba Group is committed to transforming societal perceptions and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Scheduled to take place on November 19th at the KCCA Gardens, the Kampala Disability Festival 2023 aims to celebrate the diverse talents, capabilities, and achievements of individuals with disabilities. Simba Group's sponsorship reflects their dedication to breaking barriers and creating a platform that amplifies the voices and talents of the differently-abled community.

Chairman Dr. Patrick Bitature emphasizes, "Having a disability doesn't mean a lack of ability. At Simba Group, we are determined to challenge stereotypes and promote a more inclusive society. By sponsoring the Kampala Disability Festival 2023, we aim to showcase the incredible talents and potential that exist within the disabled community."

Simba Group's involvement goes beyond financial support; it is a statement of solidarity and a call for a collective shift in societal attitudes towards people with disabilities. The festival provides a unique opportunity for individuals of all abilities to come together, share experiences, and celebrate the remarkable achievements of those who often face barriers in their daily lives.

"We extend a warm welcome to all to join us at the Kampala Disability Festival 2023. This event is not just a festival; it is a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of the differently-abled," states Dr. Bitature.

Simba Group's sponsorship aligns with their broader corporate social responsibility initiatives, emphasizing the importance of creating an inclusive society that recognizes and values the contributions of every individual. By supporting events such as the Kampala Disability Festival, Simba Group aims to inspire change, challenge societal norms, and encourage the empowerment of individuals with disabilities.

The festival promises a day filled with entertainment, awareness-building activities, and opportunities for networking. Attendees can expect a showcase of various talents, including music, art, and sports, underscoring the rich diversity within the disabled community.

Simba Group invites everyone to be part of this transformative event, fostering a culture of acceptance, understanding, and appreciation for the abilities of all individuals, regardless of their physical or cognitive differences.

As the proud sponsors of the Kampala Disability Festival 2023, Simba Group looks forward to contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society, where the unique strengths of every individual are celebrated and embraced.

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