Former carpenter earns millions after transitioning into dairy farming and aquaculture

Ssekagya Lugoloobi has 6 permanent workers comprising to two females and four males. He hires more casual laborers during the rainy season.

Mar 2, 2023 - 23:08
Former carpenter earns millions after transitioning into dairy farming and aquaculture

By John Kusolo and Salume Hope Apio

UGANDA - Ms. Harriet Namuli, the Acting Central region Manager says Dairy Development Association trains farmers in clean hygienic milk production and handling, establishment & management Group dynamics and strengthening, Feed conservation technologies, Dairy animal Health, Breeds and breeding, Good dairy farming practices and Milk value addition i.e., yoghurt processing.

Below are some success stories:

One of the beneficiaries of DDA training is Bruhan Lugoloobi Ssekagya 47. He is a dairy farmer and is also into Aquaculture and was born on 15th April 1975. He is a dairy farmer who owns LUBUS Mixed Farm in Kayunga District. He started with the 1st farm at Ntooke, Kayunga District which has 20 cows and produce 150 litres a day.

His second farm sits on 100 acres at Bugenabo Village, Bbale Subcounty in Kayunga District. He has 75 cattle and 1 bull at this farm with a total milking output of slightly over 100 litres per day. The heat is too much at Bugenabo hence affecting increased milk output generated from his cows. Mr. Ssekagya deals in Friesian animals. He feeds them in paddocks in the morning and at midday, they go for Sileage. After Sileage, he mixes distillery/brewer waste which is rich in protein instead of dairy milk to cut the cost of production.

At this farm, Mr. Lugoloobi is challenged by the hot weather which affects milk output and although he has 75 cows, he only fetches approximately 110 litres per day. He says there is need to build nice kraals for shelter because the cows just stand in trees if not in their paddocks.

To access water, Mr. Lugoloobi constructed a valley dam and set up a 10,000 litres tank which by gravity pumps water in every paddock to help the animals graze.

However, he says milk in this area is still sold at a low price at 1000shs. compared to neighbouring areas. Feeding: The main feed is Silage that is made with maize and sugar Napier which he balances with Hay from Chloris gayana incorporated with Centrosema to balance the diet with proteins.

Ssekagya Lugoloobi has 6 permanent workers comprising to two females and four males. He hires more casual laborers during the rainy season. Mr. Ssekagya says the most common diseases that affect dairy farmers include Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), and Foot and Mouth Disease. Ssekagya says that dairy farming has a lot of benefits because you earn daily and after one year, you can sell one heifer at 7m-8m UGX. He advises others to join dairy farming because of the enormous benefits.

He also advises youth to get more knowledge on dairy farming and get a cow to start with which can change their lives by being self-reliant than running to urban centers to look for white collar jobs which are scarce. He also trains youth from the neighboring villages and those from higher institutions of learning.


1.Distinguished Service Award presented to Mr. Lugoloobi Bruhan(LUBUS MIXED FARM) in recognition of your diligent and dedicated services to the country at large, Kayuna in general, as the Best Agricultural and Farming development skills on 1st October, 2021. He received it from Team Appreciation Uganda ED, Ssalongo James.

2.During the National Diary Quality Awards 2017, Mr. Ssekagya won the Platinum Award for small scale dairy farmers from DDA. “Quality commitment for market access, transformation to middle income status.”

3. He got a certificate of attendance from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda after attending a training in Governance and business skills in 2012.

4. He got a certificate of completion from the Ministry of agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries after attending a training at the National Farmers

Leadership Centre (NFLC). He completed a 3-day Mindset Transformation Leadership Workshop for the Directorate of Agricultural Extension services staff, District Production officers, secretaries of production and farmers ‘learners.

5. Greater Mukono Muslim Council awarded him a certificate of recognition for his generosity of tremendous contribution/participation to the visitation tour of His Eminence the Supreme Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Silman Kasule Ndirangwa and other officials in Kayunga District from 15th-18th April 2018.

6. East Africa Dairy Development awarded him a certificate of recognition to his services as a farmer trainer for Bugerere Dairy Farmer Business Association.

7.East Africa Dairy Development awarded him a certificate of participation after being part of the Livestock Feed Planning training Workshop using Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) which was held at Muzadri, Mukono District from 12th-14th June 2012.

DDA has embarked on the Government policy of online inspection and registration. The process reduces time and revenue transfers’ effectiveness. The registrations are done in line with Dairy (Marketing and processing of milk and milk products) Regulations, 2003 and as amended in 2006 and 2015. The complying businesses are issued with registration certificates.

The businesses registered in central region include;

- Importers - Exporters - Milk collection centres - Milk transporters

On spot testing of milk

DDA has mobile laboratory van with field kits used to analyze veterinary drug reduces, Mycotoxins, adulterants, and milk milk collecting centres, factories and milk selling outlets.

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