Omweso helps sharpen one's mind, students advised as it is introduced at Makerere University Business School

Apr 30, 2023 - 11:11
Omweso helps sharpen one's mind, students advised as it is introduced at Makerere University Business School
Omweso helps sharpen one's mind, students advised as it is introduced at Makerere University Business School

KAMPALA - Dr. Ham-Mukasa Mulira, former ICT Minister and Patron Uganda Omweso Association says Omweso is one of the abstract strategy games that will further help sharpen the thinking abilities of university students. He says Mweso is a mathematical tool which has a vocabulary. As a computer scientist who is credited for developing software for the traditional bead game -Omweso, he adds that while playing, it allows you to think in order to outshine your opponent. Mind games strata is where it falls according to him. He made the remarks while officially launching Omweso at Makerere University Business School during the Business Languages Festival hosted by the Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Languages where he presided over as Chief guest.

Meanwhile, Omweso world champion (2002) and vice president Uganda Omweso Association Kyagaba Hudson Musoke says that their strategic plan going forward is introducing Omweso among students at all levels countrywide in a bid to popularize the sport. "We are moving about in schools and different regions teaching people Omweso. Already some university students have liked the sport and they play it competitively."

Kyagaba Musoke added that new Omweso playing clubs are also being formed. And to keep the game alive, competitions are being held more often than before. So, with more people playing Omweso, it could soon recapture its place as one of Uganda's most popular games Omweso subscribes to Minds Sports Association.

Omweso (sometimes shortened to Mweso) is the traditional mancala game of the Ugandan people. The game was supposedly introduced by the Bachwezi people of the ancient Bunyoro-kitara empire of Uganda. Nowadays the game is dominated by Ugandan villagers. It is a very hard and fast game said to keep one's mind high and ever excited, which can make it addictive. The equipment needed for the game is essentially the same as that of the Bao game (found in Tanzania and neighboring countries). Omweso is strictly related to a wide family of mancalas found in eastern and southern Africa; these include Coro in the Lango region of Uganda, Aweet in Sudan, ǁHus in Namibia, Kombe in Lamu (Kenya), Mongale in Mombasa (Kenya), Mongola in Congo, Igisoro in Rwanda, and Kiela in Angola.

The name "Omweso" is derived from Swahili word michezo, which means "game". Omweso consists of a board, seeds and the counting.

Here are some of the names of Omweso in different languages:

Ateso-Aileisit, Karamajong-Ngikilees, Acholi-Coro, Lugbara-Soro, Kakwa-Soro, Japodhola-Weri, Lusamia-Ohero, Lusoga-Omweso, Lugwere-Ekyeso, Sapeiny-Kechiyek, Lango-coro, Alur-Soro, Madi-Soro, Runyoro/Rutoro-Orusoro, Kuman-Elee, Luganda-Omweso, Lunyole-Ehyeso, Runyankole-Ekyeso to mention but a few.

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