Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda Applauds Museveni for not Seconding Puttin's Invasion of Ukraine

Jan 8, 2023 - 13:12
Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda Applauds Museveni for not Seconding Puttin's Invasion of Ukraine

UGANDA - The Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda and sub- Saharan Africa has commended the president of Uganda HE. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for taking a powerful decision of not Seconding Putin's Invasion of Ukraine.

Through the president of the committee Mr. Alex Makanga on Sunday at Victoria Mews hotel in Kampala the members have been trained on how to advocate for global peace and awarded with certificates of attendance for a peace seminar organised by the Ukraine Solidarity Committee Sub- Saharan Africa.

Makanga described that as a committee, they appreciate president Musenveni who declined from buying Russia's fuel as a sign to indicate that Uganda doesn't not support Putin's actions which have led to a global economic crisis through his presence in Ukraine over the war.

Makanga however explained the objectives of the committee which include advocating for acceptance, respect and recognizing the independence of the Sovereign State of Ukraine, encountering the disinformation and propaganda of Russia and its allies, lobbying Sub-Saharan Africa countries to support Ukraine.

By the end of the project, expectations such as acceptance, respect and recognition of Ukraine as a sovereign state by Russia and its allies, accessibility of accurate information about Ukraine - Russian Federation war, restoration of peace in the sovereign state of Ukraine and support of Ukraine from its allies by countries in Sub-Saharan Africa shall be achieved, he explained.

"In abid to spread the gospel of global peace and create more of the sensitisation, the Ukraine Solidarity Committee Uganda is set to make tours with Sub-Saharan Africa Peace Caravan starting with Nairobi Kenya , Dar-es Salama Tanzania , Kigali Rwanda , Cap Town South Africa , Accra Ghana, Abuja Nigeria and Khartoum Sudan", Makanga noted

In all the visits, Ukraine Solidarity Committees are expected to start up as a link between the headquarters in Uganda and the region for pursuance of the ultimate objectives, engage with key decision makers, communities, media, and general public.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda, Ministry of Tourism Uganda, office of the President of Uganda, Religious Institutions in Uganda, Peace loving Individuals and Organizations in Uganda and across the Globe are highly called upon for support of the campaign and efforts, he said.

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