Link Bus Management Cautions Police and Public to Strengthen Security Amidst the Festive Season

Nov 23, 2023 - 07:46
Link Bus Management Cautions Police and Public to Strengthen Security Amidst the Festive Season

KAMPALA - As Christmas and new years' eve nears, link bus, dealers in transport business, is on the verge of stringent security for all cargo and passengers as it estimates to transport about 4000 people on a daily basis, but still with possibilities of terror attacks.

It is upon this therefore, that the Managing committee of the Link bus company limited, have strongly urged security agencies to enforce more vigilance due to terrorist activities as majority travel to meet relatives for Christmas gatherings in different parts of Uganda, announced the Managing Director, Mr. Solomon Nsiimire.

As a culture, towards Christmas most Ugandans travel upcountry from city centres to ensure they enjoy the festive days with the loved ones. However, on Wednesday in kampala, Nsiimire said the Link bus company is bringing to attention the security concerns for all Ugandans and especially the law enforcers, for instance, bombings by terrorists that could potentially devastate the movement of people from place to place if there is nothing like serious monitoring.

Nsiimire mentioned this while addressing journalists about the link bus refresher courses or trainings being held annually for all staff members including gatekeepers, drivers , conductors and the link bus managers from different parts of Uganda.

" As the festive season gets closer and closer, we felt it is relevant to carry on with a refresher class to ensure that proper and quality service are delivered to the travelers." The first training was for drivers, and were taken through defensive and refresher training, the next was for the general staff to be able handle well the customers, he said.

He added that last training is for the branch managers and have been gathered together to review the challenges, work plan and strategies in order to adopt in the festive season.

According to Nsiimire, " such trainings also help to review the performance, but this time round the main focus has been put on how to improve security for travelers, vigilance and safety so that thefty or terrorism practices are given no chance to thrive.

He further described about the role of police and how it should monitor the over speeding and reckless drivers on the road especially in the festive season that end up endangering other road users, " police should ensure that it continuously educate all the road users on the effects of over speeding," he said.

Speaking on the transport fairs, Nsiimire explained attributed the increament of the transport costs to the challenge of empty buses which move with majority of people to upcountry for Christmas, yet few come from upcountry to Kampala to celebrate.

Therefore to meet the mathematics, a slight amounts of money is included so as to reflect with empty sits as the buses return to Kampala, he noted.

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