Rubis deal to bring back Castrol lubricants to Ugandan market

Castrol and Rubis Energy Uganda have partnered to launch Castrol oil lubricant products on the Ugandan market.

Oct 18, 2023 - 07:06
Rubis deal to bring back Castrol lubricants to Ugandan market

KAMPALA - Hope increases for road users, in particular motor vehicles, motor cycles and cars in Uganda as Rubis energy and Castrol oil lubricants gets into Memorundum Of Understanding to unveil quality and wide range of oil.

The partnership has taken place in kampala at Garden City on Thursday 18th October, 2023 purposed at ensuring better service delivery to customer in Uganda, starting with a launch quality oil on market named the Castrol Oil and also to blend locally in East Africa and distribute it across the region of East Africa.

Unlike before, the oil was being imported, but it nolonger an issue as it is now getting blended in East Africa and will now be more affordable with the established blending plants in Kenya employing more than 2000 people already, Olvia Nahwera, Fuel and Specialities Manager Rubis energy noted.

"In our journey to provide our customers with the best quality products and experience, we are strategically partnering with leading brands that are customer-centric and offer quality products to our customers, especially through our partnership with Castrol, customers will be able to access a wide range of premium quality lubricants,” said Rubis Energy Uganda Country Manager, Olivier Gatera, during the launch.

According to Gatera, “Castrol’s world-class innovative products provide oils, fluids and lubricants for every driver, every rider, and every industry. Therefore s the exclusive distributor of Castrol Lubricants in Uganda, we will continue ensuring our customer’s oils and lubricants needs are fully met.”

The range of oil products that will be available at RUBiS Energy Uganda stations countrywide include Castrol Edge, Castrol Magnayec, Castrol GTX, Castrol Vecton, Castrol CRB and Castrol Transmax fluids, however Castrol has a wide range of oils and fluids suited for the various market segments including car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle engines as well as industrial, marine, technology and innovation applications. Castrol oils are readily available at over 54 Rubis Energy Uganda stations countrywide, he indicated.

Ed Savage, Castrol East Africa General Manager said, “Globally, the Castrol brand is renowned for quality, innovation, and high performance. The brand has been redefining liquid engineering to ensure optimization of engines.

Therefore the partnership with Rubis Energy Uganda is timely as customers seek oil products that are designed to suit their everyday mechanical needs, however, Castrol will leverage Rubis Energy Uganda’s countrywide footprint to ensure that customers are able to get the oil lubricants at all service stations countrywide.”

ED Savage added that Castrol also provides a Car Engine Oil Finder tool to ensure customers are getting the right oil. The application makes it quick and easy for customers to have all options and make the right choice when it comes to oil.

This supplements the owner’s manual and dictate’s the industry specification, type and grade of oil the manufacturer specifies for the engine, as the engine oils cater for petrol, diesel, and transmission machinery, he said.

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