Victoria University Partners With Global Conservationist Arturo to Boost Tourism Sector

Nov 22, 2023 - 20:35
Victoria University Partners With Global Conservationist Arturo to Boost Tourism Sector

KAMPALA - Victoria University Uganda has Implored the government of Uganda to simply disrupt or do some changes a little in the education policies around for the good and betterment of the country.

Through the University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga while hosting the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Mr. Arturo Islas Allende a global conservationist, during the launch of an Environment and Conservation Centre, he emphasized the need for partnerships in order to enhance Uganda's beauty at global level.

"The primary role of the Centre will be to create and disseminate new knowledge, with a focus on integrating conservation education into all our academic programmes." He noted.

It will also focus, on International students exchange programmes, innovation and training projects for students, and supporting of communities harboring the country's beauty that needs to be protected. More so, as a higher education institution, the responsibility extends beyond traditional teaching, and must shape future leaders with a sustainable mindset and skillset.

It is also good to note that for decades , the Uganda education system has been attributed to a colonial policy, in congnisant of the fact that Uganda was a British colony until the year 1962 under president Apolo Milton Obote's regime when independence was realized.

In line with the same education system, it is surprising especially in current academic atmosphere for communities to establish with an institution of higher learning in particular a University that preaches differently, for instance carrier readiness and employability as course unit, talent promotion through entertainment as course unit, digital literacy and the likes.

On Wednesday in kampala at Victoria University headquarters, Dr. Muganga, mentioned that It is very hard for a country to embrace a culture of an education that is unique .

Speaking to the audience , he explained, "If you are sending a child to school and expecting good grades, it is a false dream, you should pay tuition for skills, networks, experience so that they are to sustain their living in future."

He however requested government to work with Victoria University to disrupt education for the good and also to determine and enable Ugandans be best fit for opportunities outside Uganda, as Uganda can create a huge tax base that it needs from the people, said Muganga.

" I ask government to back Victoria University as it makes Africa and international Media turn to Uganda year after year."

Dr. Hillary Emmanuel Musoke , private secretary in charge of value addition and export promotion to the president of Uganda indicated that now this is the time for Ugandans through Victoria University to rebrand the country, and they must wake up and rebrand Uganda to be fully denominate.

"You are very much aware that you have what it takes to make sure that this country is debased, when you go on media you will find wars, politics, diseases, however, it is time for us now to change the narrative and help our people get a paradigm shift from the way they see the mother Uganda."

He added that Ugandans are very much aware that HE the President of the Republic of Uganda is the number one champion and promoter of Uganda because he loves it. He thinks about the good things about it, therefore the president and his party will be the number one product to sale Uganda in the world.

He has also been able in transforming Uganda as country, in the liberating it, in promoting it, in transforming its society, the economy and building a democracy, Musoke said.

Who is Arturo Islas

A Visionary Creator and Environmental Activist

Arturo Islas Allende is a prominent figure in the world of content creation, renowned for his captivating series, "Indominable X Nature" and "Survivors." His Influence extends across major streaming platforms, including Disney, Netflix, CBS, and Amezon Prime.

As a global movie and documentary maker, Arturo's work transcends borders. His creative Journey led him to participate in the 2018 CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Copa America Brazil, showcasing his versatility in both sports and environmental storytelling

In 2019, Arturo received the prestigious "El Sol de Oro," the oldest international award for environmental activism. This accolade recognizes his unwavering commitment to awareness about pressing environmental issues through his impactful content.

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