Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Visits Cancer Institute Mulago,Exposed to New Technologies And Pledges Financial Aid

Nov 30, 2022 - 12:49
Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Visits Cancer Institute Mulago,Exposed to New Technologies And Pledges Financial Aid

KAMPALA - A 3 million USD machine for cancer patients, one in Africa and so far ten in the world has been showcased to the deputy Speaker of parliament Hon. Thomas Tayebwa on his tour at Mulago around the cancer institute on Tuesday in Kampala.

According to Dr. Godfrey Osinde radio pharmacist at Mulago hospital in charge of monitoring the machine,"This machine is the latest model of it's kind and the first in Africa as placed at Mulago "

This latest model of the spects CT has complete bio functioning imaging that doctors can look at, basically looking at the functionality of the cells the fact that it does more anatomic by looking at the structures of the body ,Dr. Osinde described

He however told journalists that Ugandans in particular the cancer patients who have been traveling abroad to seek for these health services have been highly charged with purpose of saving lives but now the country obtains the machine in the whole of Africa.

"Cancer institute is one of the most critical sectors government is looking at because very many people are selling off their property for treatment of cancer, indeed cancer has left very many extremely poor by being terminally ill but travel abroad to look for hope even when they are going to die, " Hon. Thomas Tayebwa the Deputy Speaker of parliament noted.

He added that government wants to ensure that any machine, service and experts anywhere in world should be placed in Uganda so that people should not have to leave Uganda for treatment abroad unless by choice, therefore government is to consider this in the next financial budget.

This is where focus needs to be put, however the biggest factor is funding and once all the projects are complete and experts abroad return home, Uganda is also looking serving the East African regions on issues to do with cancer because they support Ugandan businesses, Tayebwa included.

The Deputy Speaker also urged to Ugandans to turn up for cancer treatment at mulago and encouraged those who have been complaining of being charged for medicine and services that all these services are provided for free with all necessary funding for cancer patients.

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